Stop Overeating



Stop Over Eating and create a healthy relationship with your mind, body and food.

This self hypnosis will introduce you to the practice of mindful eating, as well as strengthening your relationship with healthy food, so that it becomes a natural choice for nourishment instead of a struggle.

Listening to this session regularly will help you focus on enjoying every bite of delicious food, eating slowly while connecting your mind and body with full awareness to be present and stop you from over eating.

If your desire is to stop over eating and you are committed to listening to your session each night for the next two weeks or more to further embed all the suggestions, then hypnosis is very powerful and effective to put the power and control back in your own mind and create new positive habits around your eating routine.

This is a professionally recorded MP3 hypnosis session to download and keep. Your subconscious needs time to create change, the more often you can make time to listen to the session, the better the results you’re likely to see. I suggest listening every day for 21 – 28 days or every other day if you can’t find the time – and then continue as you feel you need to. For the best experience please use headphones, earphones or SleepPhones® 

Learn More about Hypnosis by clicking here and read what Hypnosis is and how it can help you. 

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