Stay Sober Quit Alcohol



Stay sober and wave goodbye to hangxiety

This self hypnosis will help teach you how to be alcohol free by rewiring your brain so that alcohol no longer holds any appeal for you.


You will feel relaxed during the session and afterwards be able to move forward with your sober lifestyle without feeling shame, guilt, urges or cravings pulling at your mind. Instead you will make healthy lifestyle choices and be able to relax and live a happier more energised life without alcohol.


You can listen to this recording every day for at least 3 weeks or more. All you need to do is find a time and place when you can relax somewhere quietly, or as you are preparing for sleep.


This is a professionally recorded MP3 hypnosis session to download and keep. Your subconscious needs time to create change, the more often you can make time to listen to the session, the better the results you’re likely to see. For the best experience please use headphones, earphones or SleepPhones® 


Learn More about Hypnosis by clicking here and read what Hypnosis is and how it can help you. 


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