One-of-a-kind headband headphones – SleepPhones® and RunPhones® – promote sound sleep and healthy lifestyles in ways you’ve never heard.



What are SleepPhones®?


SleepPhones are the world’s most comfortable headphones for sleeping.


The luxuriously soft headband contains thin removable speakers to play any type of music, audiobooks, meditation, hypnosis, white noise, or talk radio. Regular headphones and ear buds are simply not comfortable to wear all night long. SleepPhones® are fully padded with nothing sticking into the ears and are comfortable even for side sleepers. Lightweight, washable, hypoallergenic, and RoHS/CE compliant with the highest standards for electronics and batteries, SleepPhones® come with a 1 year limited warranty and satisfaction guarantee.


With thin, adjustable and high-quality audio speakers nestled inside a comfortable, wearable, and washable headband, AcousticSheep products make listening to audio easy:


  • When going to sleep or sleeping next to a snorer


  • For people suffering in various degrees from excessive stress or worry


  • For listening to music, meditation and hynosis in bed at night as part of your sleep routine


  • For listening to music and podcasts while traveling or commuting


  • While working out, stationary biking, walking, or jogging


For about anywhere you want to hear music and more, there’s an AcousticSheep product that’s right for you.


That’s because SleepPhones® were invented by a family doctor and her video game developer husband— right on their kitchen table— so she could get to sleep faster, better, and more comfortably at night.


Available in corded or wireless versions in a wide variety of colors and different fabrics, SleepPhones® and RunPhones® products make it easier — and more comfortable — to customize your listening experiences like never before.


Check out this video for more information


I recommend SleepPhones® headphones, as they are the most comfortable headphones for listening to my audio tracks, while relaxing or sleeping.


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