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Overcome Anxiety with self hypnosis

Anxiety is a serious problem that can affect anyone, and it’s not just about feeling nervous, worrying or being stressed it can feel like your body is under attack and it goes into overdrive to protect itself.

You may feel anxious for no reason at all or because of something specific in your life, such as work-related stress or relationship problems with family members.

In fact, anxiety affects one out of every five people at some point during their lifetime. And the numbers are growing each year!

Overcome anxiety self hypnosis will help you to use breathing techniques that calms the parasympathetic nervous system, to relax the mind while activating positive thoughts to improve self-esteem and confidence levels naturally.


If your desire is to overcome anxiety and you are committed to listening to your session each night for the next two weeks or more to further embed all the suggestions, then hypnosis is very powerful and effective to put the power and control back in your own mind and create new positive habits around anxiety.

Because you are required to close your eyes please do not listen to this recording while driving a vehicle or operating machinery and for the best experience please use headphones, earphones or SleepPhones® 

Learn More about Hypnosis by clicking here and read what Hypnosis is and how it can help you. 

Once you have purchased your self-hypnosis you will receive an email within a few minutes with your hypnotherapy.

Your subconscious needs time to create change, the more often you can make time to listen to the session, the better the results you’re likely to see. I suggest listening every day for 21 – 28 days or every other day if you can’t find the time – and then continue as you feel you need to.

You can listen to your hypnotherapy audio on your phone, tablet or computer.




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    I’ve only listened to this a few times so far, but have found it extremely helpful. I’ve never done any hypnosis before, and was skeptical going in to my first session. But it was great, you can go at your own pace, and it’s nothing like the “stage hypnosis” that came to mind when I first considered trying this out. I’ll definitely be using more of these sessions.

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