Master Your Mind To Play Better Golf (4 Mp3 Tracks Included)



Master Your Mind To Play Better Golf

Improve your Golf Performance quickly and effectively with the power of Hypnosis.


…….Is this you?


Do you doubt yourself or you let fear of hitting a bad shot or making bad choices hold you back ?

Are you frustrated you can’t take your range game to the course?

Do you mostly play golf well and have the skills, but sometimes overthink things and all skill and ability goes out the window?

Have you had a gradual decline in performance following a round, a competition that didn’t go to plan or you fixate on bad shots?

Do you lose focus and concentration, constantly adding up your score during the round and trying to figure out what you’re going to do next?

Have you lost the enjoyment of your game because of the pressure to play well or you’re stressed with what is happening in life?


Did you know you can use your subconscious as a tool to drive your performance mindset to the next level of play, whether you play for fun or as a pro?


Good golf starts in your mind, and the most effective way to improve your swing game and lower your scores is through building your best state of mind to play a more sensory game with confidence.



This hypnosis program is designed to improve your mental game by getting you in the “zone” or “flow state” to access your athletic mind in your subconscious, where you shift your focus from score to process, to alleviate pressure and create freedom in your mind for better shots.


You will further develop skills by reframing your mind to overcome challenges and adversity after you’ve hit a bad shot, control your nerves to release tension in your body and trust yourself to access your best skills easily and naturally and enjoy the challenge of the game.


Playing in the “zone “or “ideal performing state”, is staying present with a calm mind, being completely absorbed, focused, feeling in control and confident, while executing tasks automatically and effortlessly.


Your body and mind are intimately linked but unless you are in control of the mind, and your emotions you won’t be able to access your skills over the ball no matter how good they are.


If you train your swing, then it’s time to retrain and master your mind to push your performance to new highs, lower scores and enjoy the game no matter how you play and what the outcome.


Afterall golf is a game to be enjoyed first and foremost. Is it not?


How can Hypnosis help you play better golf?


  • Harness the unlimited power of your subconscious, engage your athletic mind over the ball, play better shots and let it go to the target.


  • Mental Game Warm up – imagine waking up on game day being in your “flow state”, able to focus completely on your game without any distractions taking you off course.


  • The power of visualisation – not only helps you to develop muscle memory to make better shots, your mind also stays focused on the game and enables you to perform better.


  • Use your breath and make a huge impact on your golf swing as you stay calm, controlled in high pressured situations and enjoy your best golf!


  • Reframe your negative self-talk to believe in yourself, create the confidence and expectation of playing well and thrive as you put the enjoyment back into your game!


All sport in one way or another is a mental game, hypnosis can put you in the “Zone” and make it all happen just like it’s supposed to.


This performance series includes 4 hypnotic tracks, professionally recorded with Binaural Tones and Brainwave Entrainment and is easy to download and listen to in the comfort of your own home as you learn to master your mind to play a better game with confidence.


You can listen to the tracks before a game as often as you like, when you first wake up on game day or just before you head out for your pre round warm up to help you get into your “flow state” and enter the golf “Zone” like a Pro.


Download the performance series now and use the power of your subconcious to FREE your mind and play better golf.


  • Session 1 – Master Your Mind For Better Golf: listen to this audio for 21 consecutive days to help you to develop muscle memory to make better shots easily and effortlessly.


  • Session 2 – Master The Greens : reprogram your mindset of a great putter, be confident that you can make any putt even under pressure and enjoy the challenge.


  • Session 3 – Mental Game Warm Up: ensure you are in the best state of mind to play on game day, listen to this audio the night before or the morning before Tee off as part of your routine.


  • Session 4 – Sleep Track: the power of affirmations during sleep can transform your mindset and give you enormous benefits in motivation towards achieving your goals and desires to play better at golf and in life.




 For the best results please use headphones, earphones or SleepPhones®




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Lai TattisMaster Your Mind To Play Better Golf (4 Mp3 Tracks Included)