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Overcome Self Sabotage Behaviour In Your Life

And wake up energised, motivated and focused to live with purpose, passion, creativity and joy!!!

Do you have this little voice inside that keeps popping in with negative and destructive thoughts, hurting and wrecking your life...?


These voices aren’t your truths, but they can sure seem overwhelming at times.


Experiences of Self Sabotage are different for everyone and I want to share with you how it manifested in my life.


For over 15 years working in the corporate world the stress levels zapped the life out of me, I literally lost myself, I became overwhelmed, exhausted and depressed but I felt I still needed to push through the busyness of daily life and I did.


I used to ask myself, “is it really possible to have success, love and joy?” “ is it really possible to have true balance in life?” because I didn’t have that, yet there was a part of me that wanted to see this as a possibility but I didn’t know how.


What I could see was other people who seemed to have it all and I asked myself “why can’t I be content and happy?”


Maybe because that’s just how our family is, I saw my parents and my grandparents do the same, our family came from hard working stock, nothing was ever easy. My bankruptcy, divorce and 2 separations confirmed to me I was a failure and I unconsciously believed something bad was always going to happen, I didn’t deserve success in career, finances and love.


My life was a spiral of negative thinking and behaviour that I didn’t know how to break out of. I was stuck in these negative patterns, having little control over my thoughts, emotions or actions. I was trapped by my circumstances and unable to find an escape route from the cycle of negativity.


I questioned whether having true balance was a myth?

I searched high and low for answers with a myriad of courses on Self-help, Counselling, studying Meditation, Buddhism, Leadership/Business Development and Strategy but none of them really worked not sustainably anyway.


It wasn’t until I understood how self sabotage was showing up in my life and this was an epiphany for me realising that I did not have a strategy problem,

I had a mindset problem.

Can you see how Self Sabotage comes in many forms?

What does it look like in your life?


  • Maybe you procrastinate never starting anything to move towards things that you want in life because you constantly doubt yourself and feel judged by others.
  • Or do you start something but you go in expecting it to fail, maybe taking that first step and in the midst of it you are overwhelmed by anxiety, fears and exhaustion from continually pushing through with forced positive thinking. 
  • Perhaps it is working out but you unconsciously don’t believe it’s working and you do or say something you regret because you think something bad is going to happen so what’s the point, you’re not good enough and you can’t trust anyone. This thinking creates unconscious self sabotaging behaviours.
  • Do you feel disconnected from yourself and others or people please because you don’t know what’s important to you and you have this belief if you make others happy you’ll be happy which only leads to never doing enough.
  • I know what it’s like to feel stuck, unmotivated and hopeless. There were times I wanted to give up, because of having no energy to get through the day, it was so hard to focus on the things that mattered in my business and personal life. The daily struggle was real, I felt I had little time, and the time I did have I wasted it, constantly making poor decisions I regretted and beating myself up about them.
Overcome self sabotage - mages that show what it feels like to suffer from mental illness. Bringing the inside to the outside.

The Struggle Is REAL

For those who suffered from childhood trauma, this is even more true. Have you ever felt neglected or abandoned and find yourself in toxic relationships, feeling fearful and anxious in social situations or like me attracted narcissists believing there is no way of ever having meaningful and harmonious relationships?


I’m here to tell you through my own experiences and suffering if you don’t address the symptoms, and heal the root cause of your behaviour which all began as a child when you adopted parental programming, experienced events causing negative influences and emotions that rooted down into your subconscious driving your thoughts, emotions and behaviours, you will continue to experience the same circumstances and results you have in your life.


If you are ready to stop sabotaging yourself, to discover the pathways into the unconscious mind for real answers and real lasting transformation, and see the possibilities you don’t even know are there to unleash your full potential then join me in this exclusive Live Training where I coach you on how to……

Overcome Self Sabotage behaviours so that you can move towards more meaningful relationships, work, career and experiences in your life.

Empower yourself and learn what causes self sabotage, how it affects your body, career, relationships etc., and what changes are needed internally not just externally to overcome this behaviour so you can thrive as a true leader in your life and in business.

This Workshop You Will Learn
How To Rewire and Reprogram
Your Brain To

…. to declutter the mind of the things that are blocking you by acknowledging what you are experiencing right now so you organise your mind, gain clarity, focus and motivation without being overwhelmed by daily responsibilities

…understand your logic versus your emotional brain and uncover what is important to you to find more meaning, passion and happiness in your life

…uncover the beliefs adopted way back in your childhood and earlier years, these filter the way you see the world and stops you from being creative in finding new solutions and possibilities.

…understand what emotions mean and how they can help you make better, faster and confident decisions

…. understand how trauma from the past keeps you in a mental prison disconnecting from your authentic self, stopping you from achieving what you want and instead learn what are the first steps to take towards healing yourself for good!

Self sabotaging behaviour is not limited to any profession, industry or group, it’s not limited to any sexual gender, age or culture. Whether you are professional working in the corporate world or a mum at home raising kids, self sabotage can happen.

The strategies to overcome self sabotage are universal.

Are you ready to ditch the self sabotage?

Who Am I?

I’m Lai Tattis Life & Leadership Coach and Hypnotherapist.

I help people like YOU create the life of their dreams! Yes it is possible even if you can’t see that right now!!

Your subconscious is 96% of your untapped brain power compared to only 4% of your conscious mind. By doing the work at a subconscious level, clearing the self-sabotaging programs we can heal, shift our beliefs, thoughts attitudes and feelings about ourselves so we are able to live more fully into our potential as leaders in business or in our personal relationships and lives

So, if you want to stop the self sabotage and start taking back control of your life, this is the place for you! This Workshop will be Live on Zoom where together you’ll be coached to tap into the unseen possibilities, to help you make the mindset shifts by connecting to your subconscious, to reprogram and transform your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviours to bring awareness to the most meaningful areas of your life which is also the first step to living your life on purpose.

Whether it be healing from your past or installing new mental programs that will allow yourself to thrive in any business environment or personal setting. When you understand why you are hurting yourself and what’s holding you back you’ll finally be able to let go of what doesn’t serve you and achieve what you want and need to live a fulfilling and happy life.


What do YOU get from the workshop?

Imagine what life would be like …..

If you feel you have something you missed out on and have a regret about it
then this is the time to finally get it!!


As a professional with clinical experience my approach is different and it works because I get real and fast results for people just like you to achieve their goals by accessing  96% of untapped brain power to creating positive changes at a subconscious level. It’s not magic but it sure feels like it when you see the results! I’ve helped hundreds of people live more fulfilling lives and now it’s your turn.



This one day group intensive workshop will

create powerful shifts in your mindset

which leads directly into action steps

that produce real results quickly!


What are people saying

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Anna Harrison - I have acquired a deeper sense of inner peace

“If you are here, reading this, then have confidence that you are in the right place at the right time. I met Lai through a personal recommendation, at a time when my life was going really well. I was caught in a rare moment in time when all the pieces seemed like they had finally fallen into place. Almost a decade had passed since I parted company with my first husband, and I had spent the bulk of that time working through the parts in me that needed attention and growth. Finally, in all aspects of my life, I felt genuinely happy. Perhaps I had a sense that there was something left to grow into, that I was still short of my full potential. Lai has helped me to understand, and more importantly, release, the anchors that were subconsciously still holding me back. Through my sessions with Lai, I have acquired a deeper sense of inner peace, extinguished the monsters that came to light during the challenges of Covid, and helped me to replace old, hard etched habits that were affecting my current relationship. I suspect I will forever be a work in progress, that we all are, but for those who are interested in progressing along in their personal journey, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Lai. She is a thoughtful professional, thoroughly relatable – a master at her craft with the extraordinary skill of understanding how to work with the part of ourselves that lie hidden in the subconscious mind.”


H’riette Smit - I can feel a difference within myself

“I felt stuck, frustrated and most importantly not good enough. All I know was that I wanted more, more out of life, more at work… I want to find my passion. It was like newtons 3rd law, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, although the force pushing back was a lot stronger. I knew I had to make changes and drastic changes.
I knew that I cannot change my own mindset without help, even though I was listening to heaps of coaches nothing really pushed me enough to commit to make a change.
Lai gives me hope and helps me to overcome the insecurity and limiting beliefs; all things I know now that I can change and work on daily, where previously I thought was impossible.

I can feel a difference within myself and I am able to take my learnings from each session to practice daily. I am making positive changes to my daily routine and at my work. Most days at work I experience an overload of negative thoughts that stems from my limiting beliefs of not being good enough, but our sessions helped me to acknowledge that thought and I am able to use Lai’s techniques to quickly change my thinking. She is helping me to move forward and overcome some of my fears. During every session I learnt something about myself. She is helping me to stay focused and not fall back into those old habits. So far this has changed my outlook, my demeanour, and after every session I feel one step closer to what I want my life to be like.”


Leisa Lockwood - My life is in balance and it is the best feeling in the world!

“I had recently undergone a big career change and was running on adrenaline trying to keep up with a high-pressure job, long hours, a huge learning curve and all the while trying to manage the family. My jaw and neck seemed to be constantly clenched with anxiety and stress. Here I was with what I thought was my dream job but I wasn’t really happy – I was frazzled.

I finally made the call to Lai after driving past her offices day after day on my way home from work, reading the sign out front. It was the best call I could have made. Lai spent a lot of time speaking with me up-front to ensure we were the ‘right fit’ for each other – it was refreshing to know that from day one she genuinely had my best interests in mind.
Lai made the experience entirely comfortable and we progressed far more quickly than I would have guessed. She is professional yet warm and genuinely caring. Her skill and experience is clearly evident as is her empathy, which really helped to highlight or draw out the real issues.

I was surprised by what I actually gained from our sessions. We were able to uncover issues that were hidden to me and get to the heart of the true source of my discomfort. Rather than work being the cause of my stress and anxiety, I found that balance was lacking in my life – things like fun, adventure and most especially, ‘me time’. I now have strategies and goals in place to keep my life in balance and it is the best feeling in the world!”

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Dave Thomas - Thank you so much for helping me build the blocks to get my life back together

“… “If your life is a mess at the moment or just need some guidance! I would highly recommend Lia! She will not only listen and guide you into a better person! But make you feel like you have known her all her life! 
Lia thank you for being my torch holder! Not only being honest but you also challenged me to help me move on!

You have a great gift and I thank you so much for helping me build the blocks to get my life back together,  I call you the foundation maker!!

If you are thinking should I use Lia? I would say it’s the best investment you could make to get yourself back on track!!.”
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Stacey Rose - Free from Narcissist

I was starting a new relationship and I kept spiralling, and I needed help navigating relationships, which I thought was healthy but it wasn’t a healthy relationship.

I wanted to make a change, and my sister actually suggested hypnotherapy and found you. She’s always right. But I just want to make a change. I wanted to be better, and I want to break patterns and I wanted to move on with my life.

” have completely changed the way I see things now, I used to be caught in the fog and the thick of it all I couldn’t see my way out. I could tell everyone else exactly what’s going on with their life and how it had to be, but I couldn’t see my way out of a paper bag.

I’ve learned to step back and look at myself and in the situation I’m in and now and see what it is for what it is. I’m CALMER I understand me more and I’m able to navigate things better. I understand narcissists a lot better now and realised that I somehow have surrounded myself with them.
Thank you so much for everything from that first phone call that we had the half an hour, I think it ended up being an hour or so in the end.
You gave me hope! You explained things to me that no one else could have explained to me. I had no idea that what word Narcissistic, even really meaned I guess and you’ve just given me tools and hope and understanding. And I’m different. Even my mum reckons I’m different, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am really grateful because my kids have shifted with me, you’re amazing and I’m so grateful to you, honestly you saved me. Thank you.”

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Trish Gillon - I Feel A New Normal

“I feel normal, it’s all of a sudden life is easy, I couldn’t remember what it was like to be carefree and easy going but now that I’m back there, it’s almost like sitting on the outside looking in. A couple of girlfriends have said, you know what?

What’s the difference this time? Well, it can only be Lai, it can’t be anything else. I think, clearing the stories, it was like you gave me a clean slate, that’s why I just say you’re a wizard because I can’t explain it. Thank you Lai”


Regular Price $297

Today’s Price $97 USD

Register now for the LIVE WORKSHOP on or before Wednesday, the 26th of May.


You can only see and create what was programmed into you and now is your time to rewrite your program to make significant shifts quickly. 

You can make real lasting change in your life without using a ton of willpower.

Normally to have this one to one transformation coaching training with me would be over $1197

The investment for this one day LIVE group intensive workshop is only $97 USD.
This is the last time I’ll offer this workshop at this price so jump in now.

The Workshop will take place on
Saturday, May the 29th

from 9 am to 3 PM AEST ONLINE via ZOOM

In addition to the live session, you get:


So now you have a choice you can keep doing what you’ve been doing and look back a year from now and be in the same circumstances, just surviving and getting by, and how has that been working for you so far?


Or you can do something different right now and make a new decision to have a very different life where you are waking up excited to start your day and actually thriving.


How much is that worth to you to have freedom, passion and purpose, to experience harmonious relationships and feel healthy, happy and whole? 


What would your life look like?

What would you be doing and how would you be feeling?


Lots of people don’t take the opportunity to take it further because they don’t think it will work for them or they can’t see what’s possible yet their inner voice is screaming out for help and they suppress or ignore it, do you want to continue doing that?



It’s your choice to stay sabotaged or steadfast……..

What will it be?

Are you ready to take control of your mind and your life?

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms I mentioned,

please be kind and gentle with yourself,

if you would like to book a complimentary connection call hit this button below


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