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When I worked in the corporate world for over 15 years, the stress levels zapped the life out of me.

Managers wanted more, it was never enough, and I was losing control of that “work- life balance”. I was bullied and felt worthless and hated the thought of going to work. That horrible sick feeling in my stomach stressed me and it effected my relationships, especially the guilt I felt when I had to work instead of being with my young son.

I was grappling with life and tried things that didn’t work, I spent time and money on self-help books and courses by extraordinary gurus, which gave a little improvement.

I decided to leave the corporate world at the age of 40 to become a certified personal trainer.

For over 12 years I was happy enough as a Personal Trainer however I realised after many years, no matter what I tried, happiness and contentment continued to elude me.

I understood that the mind-body connection was missing, my fears in my professional and personal life kept me stuck.

I realised that relationships can range from being abusive, controlling and narcissistic, I found myself experiencing all 3 in that order. There I was in my mid 40’s, I was in family court, a single mum, a bankruptee on government welfare with no direction. I was broken, the links that kept me together were almost gone. My inner critic and negative beliefs about myself was becoming louder and louder and I felt hopeless.


It was at this moment that I knew things had to change for my sake and my children’s.

But here is what I want you to hear, my story it isn't about what happened to me.  It is about what I did to myself, and FOR myself!

I met a life coach who showed me how to put the broken links back together to transform myself and my life.

I broke through the chains I had allowed around me for years, I reclaimed the power I had given away, I found my voice, my gifts and talents and finally I was able to reclaim my energy that was truly me, so I could stand up FOR myself and my children .

I finally found my passion and purpose. I did this through techniques I now support others in. I learned how to literally take conscious control of my mind, clear negative beliefs and influences from my past to heal and install new mental programs that changed my life. I thrived on the personal growth and positive changes that happened in my life as a result.

I knew as a personal trainer I enjoyed helping people to be healthy and reshape their bodies.


However I wanted to help people to live healthy and reshape their mindset to make real lasting change in their lives.


Becoming a Certified Wellness Coach, I loved it and went on to obtain the following certifications. Master Practitioner Life Coach, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Time Line ™ Therapy, Matrix Therapy and Conscious Hypnotherapy.


By doing the work at a subconscious level,  clearing the self-sabotaging programs I was running I shifted my beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and feelings and went on to build a life that I love living.

Through my own personal transformation, I thought if I can heal from my past and rediscover my purpose and passion for life, I can inspire others to take back control of their life and ignite their passion and purpose.

Whether I am supporting a client with healing from their past, to getting clarity and focus to setting powerful goals, or helping them to build more harmonious relationships with themselves and others, it is all doing the same thing.

Helping them break the chains and get out of their own way so they can step up and live their lives feeling happy and whole!

Are you ready to get help to move through your challenges, heal from the past and find the clarity and freedom that connects you with EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED?

Do you want a new result in your life?

To reconnect and transform into the person you've always wanted to be?

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Your Discovery Session

Is an opportunity to talk to me about what you are experiencing, to reveal insights and breakthroughs in a short time that will set you up for the steps in your life. It is a no obligation, complimentary session that I offer to get to know each other and see if we are a good fit to work together.

This conversation is unlike any other you’ve had before. This is a session where I open up a dialogue with your conscious and subconscious to find out the things that have held you stuck or back in the past.  By the end of the discovery session you will have options to move forward either with me or on your own personal journey.

Imagine living an abundant, purposeful, and happy life once again

My main philosophy with coaching rests in the belief that everyone has the answers and clarity inside.

However, when people are trying to make changes on their own, it is common that fear or fixed mindsets and automatic subconscious programming can often block that inner wisdom and clarity they need in order to live more purposeful and abundant lives.

There is an easier way to by pass all of the effort and frustration to get what you want. To release the self sabotaging programs and behaviours and literally drive you towards success and change your life! Together we shift your negative beliefs, thoughts, feelings and influences that block you and transform you into the person you've always wanted to be but never knew how.

What are the possibilities for you if you could make those changes? What would your life look and feel like?



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