Make 2022 Your Year

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This time of year got me thinking – do you remember when you were a kid, it seemed like Christmas literally took all year to come around? But now that you’re an adult, you could swear you last decorated the tree just a month or two ago and that your credit card has scarcely recovered from the last time you had to play Santa Clause?

The older we get, the more time seems to loop in on itself. Our trials, our joys, our ups and downs become so cyclical that we begin to lose our sense of direction and, if you’re like me, time.

This feeling becomes especially palpable as we enter the New Year and think about our resolutions and goals for the future. As we walk into the final weeks of the year that question seems to loom larger than ever; “How do I break out of this rut?” “How do I make 2022 my best year and finally achieve my goals?”

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It’s Time To Take Control

As a life coach and hypnotherapist, I’ve dedicated my career to answering that very question. I’ve found it’s critical during this time of year to create innovative and effective ways to help my clients feel supported. It’s a big transition, even though it comes around every year! It’s an inflection point for a lot of people.

We all have dreams of finishing the year much differently than when we started. Maybe you want to be in a slimmer body to open your wardrobe and be able to wear clothes that make you feel confident. Perhaps you finally want to stop that habit or be in a better financial position, have more harmonious relationships, a better career you’re passionate about.

Whatever it is for you, do these ideas just suddenly strike on New Years’ Eve? Of course not! Perhaps these are things you’ve been wanting but failing to get year after year. It’s time for more than a cyclical transition – you need an actual change.

Need A Mindset Reset?

Whether we’ve worked together in the past, or you’ve connected with me reading this right now, I strive to deliver mindset shifts to help my clients’ overcome their everyday problems. This means targeted, one-on-one coaching that gets to the root of your challenges while engaging your unconscious to create change.

Studies show greater than 1 in 4 people will fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions within the first month, and that only around 1 in 13 people will keep their resolution for a year. But this isn’t a personal failure; it’s biology!

As such, I have decided to create a program, where I could help centre your mind and give you the laser focus you need for the New Year. It’s called the Mindset Reset program, and it’s designed to switch your brain from survival mode to thriving mode through the power of your unconscious mind.

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The Power Of Commitment

When you use willpower, you’re activating your pre-frontal cortex – the part of the brain that sits in your forehead. However, if you don’t get enough sleep, quality nutrition, or if you’ve already used up a lot of willpower on making tough decisions, the pre-frontal cortex becomes fatigued and quits working as easily.

This is called willpower depletion and is recognised in the field of psychology as an undeniable fact. Even as you make a series of good decisions, your storehouse of willpower is drying up. Unfortunately, the odds are, you’re going to make a bad decision before it’s replenished. This is what leads to failure, and consequently, a lot of self-doubts.

Clearly, something more is required. That’s where your unconscious comes in.

The unconscious is the intelligence we all possess. It’s what governs our automatic functions like breathing, our heartbeat and dreaming. This incredibly refined and evolved portion of the mind executes thousands of functions in a day, most of which are entirely separate from the conscious mind. That means it’s making a ton of good decisions on your behalf, and you never even have to think about them! Can you imagine having that kind of power on your side when you’re trying to stop that awful habit, shed those extra kilos or whatever it may be for you to make your 2022 and beyond the best version of you?

That’s exactly what the Mindset Reset can help you achieve, and so much more! During our sessions, I use hypnosis techniques to speak directly to your unconscious and reprogram it for exactly the results that you want.

You Can Achieve Everything You’ve Dreamed About

With me, this process couldn’t be easier. You relax, listen and let the most powerful part of your mind come to your aid. I will personally guide you and make sure we hit your target with the online hypnotherapy you need.

I get such joy from helping you turn your lives around and grow into the version of best selves you know you can be – even if you don’t think that’s possible. That’s why I’m eager to learn about your aspirations for 2022, and help you get there. Let me get you started today for free. That’s right, FREE!

Right now, I’m offering a 30-minute discovery call where we’ll discuss your challenges, goals and plans for the New Year and determine if Mindset Reset is right for you. If it is, then we can book your first session right away! And if it’s not, we can discuss options that may work better for you – and it still won’t have cost you a cent!

I want to help you make 2022 your year! Don’t hesitate, book your free discovery call and get a jumpstart on your resolutions right away!

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