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Online Hypnotherapy

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Online hypnotherapy is a modern approach to traditional hypnotherapy sessions – and it has all the same benefits! Online hypnotherapy sessions are no less effective than ‘live’ or ‘in person’ hypnotherapy sessions, and can still provide the same support for anxiety, depression, weight loss and personal development, to name a few.

Are you struggling to accomplish what you want? Are your thoughts and emotions preventing you from making the change needed to live a happy, healthy, accomplished life? Having a trusted and proven method back you in your determination to get more out of life is one of the best decisions you can make.

While we may think that we consciously make decisions, it is, in fact, our unconscious mind that is driving the bus. It is the suppressed pain, thoughts and emotions that builds the obstacles we feel we cannot overcome.

Most of us try to suppress or work around these blockages only to be disappointed that they have not achieved what they set out to do. 

Did you know that there is a way to tap into your subconscious mind to find better, quicker and more healthier ways to overcome life’s challenges? With Online Hypnotherapy, I can show you the steps you need to heal from your past easily and effortlessly. 

What Is Online Hypntherapy?

Hypnotherapy In The Privacy & Comfort of Home

As an ancient yet modern form of therapy, hypnotherapy has been used by various healers and medical practitioners to aid in the treatment of a myriad of mental and physical ailments.

Online hypnotherapy is a convenient alternative to face to face hypnotherapy and is just as effective as working together. Through the use of online platforms, such as Zoom and Skype, consultations and sessions can be successfully carried out over the internet.

Online Hypnotherapy is particularly helpful for those who are restricted by time, location, family obligations or medical conditions. This makes my sessions available and accessible to all.

Weight Loss, Anxiety and More

Experience Renewed Motivation

A common misconception many have is that hypnosis will put them to sleep. While you experience enhanced relaxation, hypnotherapy wakes you up to the potential to become the best version of yourself.

I have clients who snore during their sessions, yet as soon as they emerge, they open their eyes, feeling calm, relaxed and in complete control.

How do they snore but remain conscious? During hypnosis, you enter a deep trance state. This is very similar to when we have driven a car and paid very little attention to the drive itself. 

When you are in this state, your conscious, critical mind can move to the side so we may tap into your powerful subconscious mind. This is when we can rewire and recode your mind to create the changes you want in your life far more quickly, easily and permanently!

I have clients that feel lighter, calmer, weightless, relaxed and who achieve a sense of freedom that they have been trying to achieve for a very long time.

As a master Hypnotherapist and life coach, I help clients to establish the type of long-lasting physical, emotional, and mental health transformations that they’ve been seeking so they can stop working on their lives and start enjoying their lives.

Hypnotherapy Online

Let's Talk Hypnotherapy

Online hypnotherapy uses the same traditional and modern techniques to achieve the hypnotic or trance state, requiring you to be relaxed, focused and attentive to what you are seeing and hearing. Online hypnotherapy sessions also give you the benefit of being in your own space, in familiar surroundings, ensuring that you can be as relaxed, calm and receptive as possible.

A common concern about online hypnotherapy and online hypnosis is about its effectiveness – will you be able to achieve what you want to achieve without the face-to-face sessions? Absolutely – in fact, the results may be more positive because you will feel more relaxed and comfortable having hypnotherapy sessions from your own home.

The benefits of online hypnotherapy are numerous. It has proven to bring about real, positive and meaningful change in a person’s life. In our fast-paced, busy lives, online hypnotherapy can actually be one of your most valuable tools when looking to make changes or improvements in your life. Your potential is hidden in your unconscious mind just waiting for you to find it.

Online Hypnotherapy

Work With Lai Tattis

The truth is, we cannot change our life until we change the subconscious programming that we have been running.

This is the programming you have been using all your life, the one that was built and developed from a very early age and during your youth which shaped you as a person. Often, this programming is what prevents us from becoming the person we want to be, or from achieving our dreams.

I help my clients to take charge of the one part of their life that is really calling the shots – their subconscious mind. Once we have discovered the obstacles and trauma of the past, we can focus on changing the limiting beliefs and start building a successful foundation for positive emotions and behaviours. When your mind and body are working together you have the power to live a fuller, happier, healthier life!

With my online sessions, they don’t even have to leave their couch! Ready to make lasting change and feel content? Get in touch today!


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