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What Is Hypnotherapy?

Mind, Body And Emotions

When you think of hypnotherapy, many think of the magicians on stage or the movies where the patient is made to do things out of their control. Not only has these portrayals made many sceptical, but also wary of Hypnotherapy as a form of treatment. However, when used correctly by trained therapists, there is no doubting the benefits of hypnotherapy.

As an ancient form of treatment for both physical and mental ailments, Hypnotherapy is a form of heightened relaxation and highly focused attention and concentration. This helps patients and clients enter a state of altered awareness, in which an individual can access difficult thoughts, engage with painful emotions or become more open to suggestions that could bring about positive change.

There are several advantages to using hypnotherapy, and it can play an important role in preserving and enhancing physical, emotional, and mental health when used alone or in conjunction with other types of treatment.

Interested in breaking bad habits and bypassing negative thinking so you can live your best life? Let me help you unlock the power of your mind so that you can make the right choices and live the life you’ve always wanted!

The Benefits Of Hypnotherapy

Make Positive Change, Mentally & Physically

It is often said that the conscious mind only takes up 10 to  12% of our total mind power, while the subconscious mind encompasses the other 88 to 90% – No wonder initiating positive change is so difficult! 

This vast part of our unconscious mind is what influences everything we do. And more often than not, it is past trauma, pain, obstacles and limiting beliefs, that we are not aware of, that heavily affect these decisions.

Hypnotherapy engages your subconscious mind, allowing you to be more willing to make healthy changes. This part of your brain has a major influence over your habits and behaviours, which is why it’s the part of the brain necessary to make positive changes!

There are several hypnotherapy benefits, including:

Weight Loss, Anxiety and More

Experience Renewed Motivation

Reduced Trauma and Anxiety

As a tool, hypnotherapy benefits those who struggle with anxiety, nervousness or fear. Relaxation techniques like hypnosis can ease these feelings. Hypnosis encourages the body to reach a natural relaxation response through cues like slow breathing, lowering blood pressure, and instilling an overall sense of well-being.

Management of Weight and Wellness

While hypnotherapy for weight loss does not act as a replacement for exercise and healthy eating, it does assist with removing mental barriers that prevent weight loss, such as overeating or fear of exercising. Hypnosis can help change your frame of mind to enable you to handle any weight loss issues better and more easily.

Reduced Chronic Pain

Pain is a perception. Hypnotherapy can help individuals overcome pain by giving them the right tools to cope and deal with their pain. Over long periods of time, hypnosis can effectively aid you in chronic pain management.

Addiction and Substance Abuse

Smoking can be an extremely hard habit to kick. Nicotine patches, prescription medications or “going cold turkey” doesn’t always help. Hypnosis can help you address your addiction or emotional attachment to smoking and enable you to replace it with a more healthy or productive habit.

Improved Sleeping

Hypnotherapy is a beneficial method of dealing with insomnia, sleeplessness and other sleep-related issues by teaching your body how to relax when it is time to sleep or rest.

The Benefits Of Hypnotherapy

Work With Lai Tattis

Hypnotherapy is often the easiest and fastest way to form new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours or feelings that help enact positive change. Despite misconception and sceptics, the benefits of hypnotherapy are extremely helpful in treating a range of ailments.

By accessing deeply buried memories, experiences and repressed emotions, we can more efficiently identify the root cause of destructive behaviour and habits that may otherwise have taken weeks to uncover. 

Working with people of all ages and walk os life, I help clients deal with unwanted habits, stresses and anxiety by helping them build a foundation for a happier, healthier, more productive future.

After my sessions, I have clients that feel lighter, calmer, weightless, relaxed and who achieve a sense of freedom that they have been trying to achieve for a very long time.

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