Did you know everything you do and create in your life happens because of the automatic subconscious programming in your mind?


Hypnotherapy along with Matrix Therapy are considered alternative healing methods that accesses the memory file of your subconscious mind, where all your beliefs, attitudes, feelings were formed from a very young age by parental programming learned or not learned as children.


Without an awareness of this adopted early past programming we can often be fighting a losing battle as we try our hardest to power through challenges with will power and sheer strength which is exhausting and overwhelming· Because what you’re doing is using 4% of your mind, your conscious mind, all the programming is trapped in your unconscious mind.


  It is this 96%, your unconscious mind that is driving the bus and the reason why you do and feel the things you do.


Most people ignore it, suppress it, make excuses for it, and for others they are in denial, blame others or perhaps you are forever criticising yourself when things don’t go according to plan. How have these worked for you?


What if you could tap into the 96% of your unconscious mind to find better, quicker and easier ways to overcome life’s challenges? I can show you how and the first step is to heal from your past.


We all know that it’s important to use the right tool for the right job, right? The tools of denial, suppression and blame are not the right tools. As we grow and evolve we no longer need these behaviours in our lives we can replace these with positive empowering thoughts, feelings, images and behaviours that serve us better.


When you change the emotion and beliefs in your subconscious you break down the old program.


Can you imagine easily and effortlessly being able to completely relax your physical body, calm the conscious mind to install subconscious change to experience profound shifts and a NEW result in life?


Healing is about understanding the programming, and where they come from. Not just treating the symptoms, but creating lifelong changes by healing from the root cause.


Through getting to the root cause, clearing negative emotions and influences, developing new strategies and behaviours and creating a higher level of self awareness in the process, we overcome the blocks and challenges that have held you back and move you towards a fuller, flourishing, fantastically fulfilling life!


You may be surprised how quickly you can start to feel better as you let go of the old programming of thoughts and habits that have been holding you back from being your wholesome authentic self.


If you are wanting to create a new way of being, to take back control of your emotions and life, you can do this from the comfort of your own home, the results are exactly the same as if you were face to face with me. Together during our sessions we gather your amazing resources to create specific hypnotherapy recordings using personal information from YOUR conscious and subconscious minds. That is a powerful combination and you have it all within you.


What are your current challenges? What do you want to change? Reach out for a chat, one conversation can change your life.


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Deep Sleep Hypnosis

This is a guided hypnotic meditation that may help to allow both the body and mind to relax and let go of the anxiety that not falling asleep can create. This will encourage deep sleep which is important for healing and general well-being so you wake up feeling restored and rejuvenated.