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Client Spotlight

How I Found The Courage To Stop Emotional Eating


Overcoming Insecurity And Self-doubt With Online Hypnotherapy


How to be confident in making the right decisions.


The Power Of Online Hypnotherapy
To Help Me Quit Smoking


Taking Life Into Your Own Hands And Finding Your Way

Tyson felt lost. He had lost his inner spark and no longer felt the inspiration to reach his goals. Lack of confidence and self-doubt are two of the biggest issues that keep people stuck in a rut. The problem is often it seems too hard, so you procrastinate or give up before even trying.

With hypnosis and coaching, Tyson was able to get out of auto-pilot mode, get rid of the self doubt and take back control of his life by reprogramming his subconscious mind with positive new beliefs about himself to experience enlightenment, to have purpose and be excited for the new year ahead.

Life Changing Hypnotherapy Sessions
- How It Helped Me Through Covid


How To Let Go Of Depression Fast And Start Thriving In Life

Have You Ever Felt Lost And Questioning Who You Are?

Surviving Anxiety Self Harm and Raging Anger

Chris suffered from anxiety, self harm and raging anger, he felt worthless most of the time and didn't know how to get out of this cycle. He only believed it would never end. As long as he kept thinking that the cause of his problem was "out there" and that everyone and everything was responsible for his suffering he felt the situation was hopeless. He was stuck in being a victim in his life.

But then he found hope in himself and the power to change his life and in this video Chris shares how you can too!

Overcoming Agoraphobia


Free From Narcissist


On Line Hypnotherapy - Does It Really Work?


Recovery From Trauma

I Learned To Love Myself Again

Overcoming Agoraphobia and Social Anxiety Disorder

Teshayla's story is one of overcoming adversity. Her anxiety seemed to be taking over her life and she found herself in a space where it felt like no matter what happened or how hard she tried everything was just going wrong and she felt like she could never be normal.

It got so bad that Teshayla experienced both agoraphobia and social anxiety disorder. She was so scared to go outside and do everyday things like drive to work, go out into shopping centres and restaurants that she resorted to life coaching and hypnotherapy sessions to overcome her fear of having panic attacks and losing control in public situations.

Having support of a therapist, friends and family Teshayla is living life again!

She has changed from being terrorised by panic and anxiety attacks into understanding them better than ever before and has now replaced the negative inner critic with a voice that urges her to be compassionate and encouraging even in the face of uncertainty.

Now that her fear has subsided and she has overcome her anxiety disorder, she's looking back to what it was like and how much stronger a woman she is now and actually excited to go out be normal and enjoy her life.
“I’m not telling the story, I’m not living the story I haven’t got it going in here………….It’s like someone got a piece of fruit and scooped the gunk out of the middle………I’m doing what I want to do, the sad looks gone…people see how happy I am”

“I’m 52 and I’ve struggled probably all my life, the most was 20 years, this is what I needed because I loved the way you concentrated on me, my issue was me, I wish I found you 20 years ago”
- Trish